Rig Inspection

rig inspection services can help you optimize your drilling rig or provide you with an in-depth indication of the technical state of the drilling rig you intend to hire.

Rigs, regardless of their types (onshore or offshore), generally consist of Derrick/Mast and substructure, power system, Hoisting system (Drawworks, Crownblock, Travelling Block,Hook, Drilling Line, etc.), Rotary System (Top Drive, Swivel, etc.), Circulating system(Mud Pumps, Stand Pipe, Mud Tanks etc.), well control system (BOP, accumulator, Chokemanifold etc.).

Since all these parts of the rigs are working in stressful conditions, periodic
inspection could prevent the occurrence of any catastrophic disaster which might end to casualties and financial losses.

ATIS Drilling inspection department is capable of conducting the rig inspection of all the rigs’ parts as per client’s request by appointing
experienced personals active in upstream inspection.

Full rig condition survey

Cranes & Hoisting Systems

Marine and Safety equipment